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Cariku pottery classes

Rules and Regulations

While in the Studio

  • Treat the people, studio, and equipment with care, respect, and kindness.

  • Help each other out and be friendly; please do not offer unsolicited criticism unless it is asked for.

  • Be considerate of others' work; do not touch, move, or bump work that does not belong to you.

  • If you use the studio tools, be sure to clean them properly and put them back where they belong.

  • Help to conserve water! wipe down the splash pan with the water off, turn it back on for the final rinse.

  • After use, everything needs to be cleaned and returned to its correct place.

  • Clean as you go. Always make sure your last wipe is with a clean, wrung-out sponge.

  • No 'holding' of pottery wheel while you work on something else.

  • If you are done in one area, do not move to another without cleaning up first.

  • After you are done on the wheel, clean the wheel, splash pan, table, wheel legs, chair, and water bucket.

  • Place the pedal, cord, and stool on top of the wheel, and wipe down the floor around your wheel with a sponge.

  • Place clay scraps & slip/slop in the recycle bucket; nothing from the floor or sink goes in the recycle bucket. Please put it in the trash instead.

  • Rinse out any sponges you've used and put them away clean.

  • Make sure to label all of your personal tools with a marker.

  • Make sure ALL clay and greenware is marked with your name & date on masking tape.

  • Make sure all greenware is signed on the bottom before putting it on the 'to-be bisqued' shelf.



  • Open studio hours are located on our website and are subject to change.

  • Everyone who attends an open studio MUST check in at the front desk.

  • Everyone who signs up for open studio must have taken at least one ceramics class at the studio or have prior approval.

  • Open studio patrons must be 18 years and older.

  • Open studio patrons must be knowledgeable and comfortable in how to take their pieces through the entire process ( glazing included )

  • Anyone picking up finished work outside of class time should do so during open studio hours only.

  • Start cleanup at least 20 minutes before the studio closes; you should be totally cleaned up by class or open studio end time

  • No outside clay or glazes are allowed unless you can prove it is cone 5/6 ( show a staff member before using it in the studio )

  • Wear clothing you don't mind getting dirty; certain clays or glazes may stain.

  • No foreign objects are allowed to be fired in clay without permission of the studio coordinator.

  • No glazes, slips, tools, or studio equipment of any kind should be removed from the studio.

  • We do not have the facilities to accommodate production work ( in this case the definition of production is high-volume work ). More than 25 mug-sized pieces per month are considered production and are not allowed.

  • No more than ten pieces are allowed to be made and or glazed during a single open studio session.

  • Please take your finished work home with you within 30 days

  • Abandoned, dried out, or not labeled pieces will be discarded after 30 days

  • Regular studio purges occur at least four times per year, everything must be taken home during a purge.

  • The studio is not responsible for pieces that break during the firing process or get thrown out if abandoned for more than 30 days.


  • Cover and clearly label & date any greenware and place on appropriate shelves (excluding kids work)

  • Work or clay not properly labeled may be discarded.

  • No storage space is currently available; please take clay/tools/towels/etc. home with you.


  • We fire our Skutt electric kiln to cone 5/6 oxidation for glazing.

  • We do not do any single firings- all work must be bisque-fired first.

  • Thoroughly stir all glazes; improperly mixed glazes result in altered glaze composition over time.

  • Do not cross-contaminate glazes; if a glaze is accidentally poured in another glaze, let an assistant know.

  • When finished glazing, wipe down glaze counter and any excess glaze you've spilled on buckets or the floor.

  • Keep the bottom ¼" of each piece glaze-free. Make sure to wipe any glaze off the bottom with a clean sponge.

  • Push glaze buckets back under the counter when you are through, with the labels visible for the next person.


  • Wear appropriate clothing and closed-toed footwear

  • No touching/unloading/loading of kilns or any glaze chemicals is allowed

  • If you are injured, inform an assistant immediately

  • Any accidents/broken items need to be reported to the studio coordinator ASAP

  • Keep dust down- this is imperative for everyone's safety

  • No sweeping/sanding in the studio it raises silica dust, which can stay airborne for days

  • If you wish to do any sanding, do so outside in the back with a mask on and inform the studio coordinator

    Any questions, concerns, ideas, clarifications, etc. should be taken directly to the studio coordinator at

Release of Liability

Any member, guest, or other people who in any manner makes use of or accepts the use of any apparatus, equipment, facility privilege, or service of Cariku Art Lab Studio, or who engages in any other activity operated, organized, arranged, or sponsored by Cariku Art Lab Studio, either on or off (137 Broadway St. Black Mountain, NC 28711) the Cariku Art Lab Studio, premises, shall do so at their own risk. Any member, guest, or other people shall not hold the owners and their directors, employees, or representatives liable for any loss, cost, claim, injury, damage, and liability, sustained and/or resulting from any action or failure to act in compliance with Cariku Art Lab Studio Rules and Etiquette, and /or studio guidelines stated by any director, employee, or representative or agent of the owner. Owner, director, employee, representative or agent of the owner shall not be responsible or liable to any member or guest for lost or stolen articles. Any property left by any person on the premises, without provision for its storage, may be disposed of or sold by management without notice. Cariku Art Lab Studio has the right to refuse service.

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