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We founded Cariku with one goal in mind: giving our customers a fair, rewarding and enjoyable shopping experience. We conduct business according to the same values, knowing that better service equals loyal customers.


Below are the FAQ, please have a look and contact us if you want to learn more!

How do I buy from you?

The pieces of pottery and sculptures are generally made to order, and these can be ordered through the Standard shop. 

Do you ship to out of the USA?

 Yes! I can ship to anywhere in the world.

I offer 2 speeds of international delivery. There is a standard option that will take 1-3 weeks (depending on the destination), and a priority option that will generally take 2-3 days from the order being posted.

How long will my order take to delivered?

It depends on the order and what I have in stock.

I can ship same day if I have a fully finished item on the shelves, I can ship within a week if I only have to glaze fire an item, items that I have to throw specifically will take a minimum of 2 weeks and can take much longer.

Are the glazes food safe?

Yes. Unless I explicitly state otherwise, all the glazes I use are food safe. 

Food safety in ceramics is a very important and widely debated topic.

Are they dishwasher safe?

They are! I wash my own mugs in the dishwasher regularly and they're absolutely fine after hundreds of washes. 

Can I return an item?

Generally, that’s no problem at all. 

I want you to be completely satisfied with your order, so please get in touch if there's an issue. 

How are the sizes/capacities measured?

The capacity of a mug/tumbler is measured when full to the rim. 

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